Innovative Gifts for New Parents

Innovative Gifts for New Parents - 4aKid

Welcoming a new born into the world isn’t easy, but this list of gifts for recent parents features products and innovations that can make that transition a little more manageable.

The ‘TushBaby’ Carrier Eliminates Strains and Stores Essentials

Carrying a baby can often be rather uncomfortable and lead to strains after extended periods walking around, so the ‘TushBaby’ carrier has been designed as a freestyle way to eliminate this occurrence.

Baby Carrier Fanny Packs

The Franck & Fischer ‘BabySpyder’ is Entertaining for Infants

The Franck & Fischer ‘BabySpyder’ baby gym is a naturalistic piece of equipment for new parents to utilize as a way to stimulate their children as they develop and play.

Naturalistic Design Baby Gyms

Huggies ‘Made by You’ Introduces Customizable Diaper Gifts

Diapers are often given as gifts to new parents, but most of the time, they rely on being creatively packaged to elevate the presentation of a baby care essential—Huggies is out to change this with Huggies Made by You, which is being touted as the “first-ever personalized diaper.”

Fashionable Personalized Diapers

Milk & Honey Babies Offers a Variety of Elegant & Functional Styles

Milk & Honey Babies is a retailer that offers parents elegant and functional baby gear collections, clothing apparel, nursery items and more. From the Uppbaby Bassinet Rain Shield and the Nuna Leaf Bouncer to the Bugaboo Universal Stroller Organizer and the Mima Xari Black and White Stroller, the company’s selection of chic infant-appropriate products is incredibly aesthetically pleasing.

Sleek Baby Gear Collections

This Crib Bumper Permits Increased Air Flow While Keeping a Baby Safe

Baby crib bumpers are an easy way to ensure that babies don’t bang against the sides of the crib or get their adorably little feet and arms stuck between the slats, but the problem with many existing bumpers is that they make the baby feel cooped up inside the crib.

Braided Baby Crib Bumpers

This Innovative Stroller Helps New Parents Maintain Exercise Regimes

An innovator by the name of Pier Paolo Visconti has gone ahead and developed an extraordinarily innovative stroller that is designed to make it possible for new parents to continue their exercise regimes without leaving their baby unattended at home.

Muscle-Building Strollers

Carrots by Anwar Carrots Released a New Line of Streetwear Style Onesies

New Jersey-based Baby Carrots by Anwar Carrots created a new line of streetwear style onesies for babies and toddlers. The emerging clothing brand and creative collection are known for a dynamic approach to personal style and creative output.

Streetwear Baby Onesies

The Easy Peasy Kimono by Kiboro is Designed for Easy Infant Dressing

Kiboro’s Easy Peasy Kimono is available in two forms: the onesie and the two-piece set. Based in New York City, Kiboro is a family business producing environmentally conscious clothing for infants and young children, covering ages zero to four.

Kimono-Inspired Baby Clothes

‘Dwypers’ Contains a Five-Pack of Wipes, a Diaper and a Changing Mat

While there are countless diaper bags that are designed to be all-encompassing yet lightweight, Dwypers is introducing itself to the world as an ultra-compact diaper kit.

Dwypers is a disposable, pocket-sized kit that contains a diaper, a sensitive skin-friendly five-pack of wipes made with all-natural ingredients and a changing mat, providing on-the-go families with a convenient solution for baby care. Like the wipes that can be found in the small-size diaper kit, the diaper is also suited to young ones with sensitive skin and boasts an elastic waist and a wetness indicator.

Pocket-Sized Diaper Kits

Jeremy Scott & Cybex Team Up for a Functional & Stylish Piece

The Cybex Priam Lux Seat Pushchair Wings by Jeremy Scott is a designer baby stroller that retails for 2,000 euro or about $2,286 USD. The extravagant pricing of this collaboration is definitely reflected in the high-quality of materials and the incredible functionality of the piece.

The designer baby stroller is ideal for kids four years old or younger. The framework of the luxurious pushchair is incredibly lightweight thanks to the use of aluminum. The padded seat of the product is convertible and can be transformed into a flatbed. In addition, the Jeremy Scott x Cybex designer baby stroller boasts an extendable XXL Sun Canopy that has UVP50+ protection, which will go a long way on extra sunny days.

Luxurious Designer Baby Strollers

The SvetTex Nest Phototherapy Blanket Provides UV Light

UV light is often required for infants to help them stave off jaundice in the early stages of their life, so the SvetTex Nest phototherapy blanket has been developed to help ensure consistent support.

The blanket is crafted with a cotton and optical fiber construction that will provide even UV light to the child as they are resting or swaddled to help ensure they’re as supported as possible. The design of the blanket is capable of being sanitized between uses to keep it free from germs or bacteria, while the comfortable design won’t make it a hassle to have an infant in for extended periods.

Jaundice-Fighting Baby Blankets

Hagi Baby Makes Clean & Natural Small-Batch Products for Infants

Hagi Baby’s natural handmade baby cosmetics are made on a small scale with clean ingredients and without additives.

The visual language used by the brand on its packaging communicates the clean, safe and gentle nature of the cream products with a combination of simple, modern graphics, minimalist typography and whimsical animal imagery. As a respect for nature is at the heart of Hagi Baby, the natural handmade cosmetics for infants depicts both large and small creatures prominently on its packaging.

Handmade Baby Products

The Opro9 Wearable Humidity Sensor Alerts Parents of a Wet Diaper

The Opro9 Wearable Humidity Sensor has been developed as a piece of equipment for parents to use with their new child to ensure that they always know when it’s time for a diaper change. The device works by being attached onto the diaper and instantly monitoring for moisture to let parents know when it’s time for a change rather than having them guess or go by timing. This effectively cuts down on unnecessary changes to reduce waste, while also ensuring the child gets changed as soon as they need it to prevent diaper rash.

Diaper-Tracking Baby Sensors

The ‘VIA’ Baby Monitoring System by Christina Wolf is Simple to Use

The conceptual ‘VIA’ baby monitoring system has been developed as an effective way for parents to alleviate some of their stress when it comes to child care by keeping them connected to their child at all times.

Vitals-Monitoring Baby Devices

The Pond Los Angeles ‘Modern Bag’ is for Mothers, Travelers and More

Younger demographics like Millennials are growing up and entering new stages like parenthood that require specific products, so brands are taking notice and creating items like the Pond Los Angeles ‘Modern Bag.’

Millennial Pink Baby Bags

The CollapseAndGo is Making the Essential Baby Product More Functional

New parents have to be prepared for everything and a shrinkable sippy cup called the CollapseAndGo is helping them do just that. Moms and dads have a lot to carry around on a day-to-day basis whether its spare diapers, snacks, a change of clothes and of course, bottles for those fussy moments.

Collapsible Sippy Cups

Mom365’s Baby’s Keepsake Box Helps to Store Treasured Memories

Mom365 introduced its Baby’s Keepsake Box as a personalizable, high-tech solution for saving memories and special objects. The keepsake box takes the form of a glossy premium cardboard case that pairs 12 digital images from a baby’s portrait session with a shareable slideshow that’s set to music. With this box, parents get the best of both worlds, as they can easily store digital memories alongside tangible objects in order to preserve meaningful milestones.

High-Tech Keepsake Kits

The líllébaby ‘COMPLETE’ Carrier Works in Six Positions

The líllébaby ‘COMPLETE’ baby carrier comes as an efficient accessory for new parents to utilize when looking for an ergonomic way to keep their child close by. Offering six different ways to carry your child, the carrier is optimally supportive and suitable for newborns to infants without having to purchase a new product for each stage. The carrier ensures that parents can keep their child close by without having to sacrifice their own comfort thanks to the ergonomic design that is properly anchored on your body to let you maintain an active lifestyle.

Ergonomic Multi-Position Baby Carriers

These Little Freddie Baby Food Meals are Made with Wholesome Ingredients

The new Little Freddie baby food meals have been added to the brand’s existing portfolio of products to offer parents a way to satisfy their child in terms of taste and nutritional needs. The pouched meals come in five new varieties that include two varieties made with just vegetables, two that are protein-packed and a yoghurt variety that is free from lactose. The premium baby foods are positioned as being a transitional option for parents to serve their child when they are being weaned onto solid food to help make the process simpler.

Transitional Infant Meals

Vanro’s Babynice Electric Nail Trimmer is Safe, Quick and Effective

‘Babynice’ is now being introduced to the world on Kickstarter as the safest electric nail trimmer, which works quickly and is easy to use.

As the nails are always growing and in need of trimming, this device and its baby-safe blade helps parents to gauge the amount that a fingernail should be trimmed. To use the electric device, parents are able to insert a young one’s nail and rotate the Babynice for a safe and even trim that doesn’t go too far or harm the nailbed.

Youth-Friendly Nail Trimmers

The ‘Sleepytroll’ Lulls Infants to Sleep When They Wake Up

The ‘Sleepytroll’ is a device that aims to make the process of getting a baby back to sleep far simpler for new parents who need a bit of assistance. Working with your choice of stroller or bed, the device works by activating the integrated flywheel whenever it detects that the child has woken up to get them back to sleep quickly and without parental interference. The device will automatically stop after three minutes of operation once the child has gone back to sleep to make it an effective option for parents who need a bit of a helping hand with a newborn.

Automated Infant Rocking Devices

Thrive Market Baby Introduces a Diaper Range Without Chemicals

Thrive Market is now launching a new segment called Thrive Market Baby with a line of infant products that includes a wide array of eco diapers and wipes.

The design of the Thrive Market Baby branding is gender-neutral and animal-themed, with kraft paper boxes that emphasize the natural qualities of the products, which are free of harsh chemicals. The hypoallergenic diapers are free from chlorine and fragrance, promising products that are better for both babies and the environment as a whole.

Eco Free-From Diapers

The Nestlé SMA Organic Milk Range is Specially Formulated

The Nestlé SMA Organic milk range has been developed by the brand as a new lineup of products that will provide parents with a way to ensure their child receives optimal nutrition.

The product range consists of the ‘First Infant Milk’ for newborns, ‘Follow-On Milk’ for weaning and ‘Growing Up Milk’ to provide nutritional support for children as they continue to develop later on. The products are each infused with a wide array of nutritional benefits and vitamins to help support cognitive development and normal growth.

Organic Infant Nutritional Supplements

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