What to do with your family in Johannesburg

What to do with your family in Johannesburg - 4aKid

Johannesburg, the big city in the small province of Gauteng. Many people swarm to this busy place where the weather is as close to perfect as you can get. There are many things to do and places to see in the city of gold, so where do you even start?  To help you, here is a list of fun activities that are kid friendly and is sure to provide the whole family with a good time! 

  1. Gold Reef City Theme Park 

This is one of the most memorable places to visit in the country and everyone wants to go for a ride on the famous Anaconda roller coaster! There is fun rides for all ages and sizes at he theme park, there is also the casino for the adults, stage shows, movies at the cinema complex, the Apartheid museum, retail stores and of course popular restaurants or the fast food court if you want a quick meal. There really is so much to do here that there simply is not enough time in one day so you can also make it a weekend thing and stay at one of their hotels! 

  1. Play Africa 

This is the perfect place where education meets absolute fun! This is also the first interactive children’s museum in Southern Africa and was named as “one of the world’s most impactful and scalable education innovators”. They provide inclusive and equitable learning environments, programmes, hands-on exhibits, teacher training as well as parent engagement. Here kids learn while having fun and they get to learn skills that will empower them to change the world through play!  

  1. South African National Museum of Military History 

Another museum that is less interactive, thank goodness, would also be something that is enjoyed by the whole family. History may seem boring to some but kids learn valuable lessons from the past and can be quite fascinated by the history of our military, especially little boys, when they see what soldiers used and had to do in the conflicts that they were involved in. 

  1. Johannesburg Zoo 

Animals are always a fun family favourite! However, here there is more than just the animals to see. They offer urban parks, recreation and leisure facilities, the Zoo Conservation and Research Farm, botanical services, nature reserves, bird sanctuaries, nature trails, dams, lakes, environmental education, eco-tourism products and services as well as trees and arboriculture services. You can grab a bite to eat at one of the restaurants, get something small from the vendors that are in various spots around the zoo or just bring your own blanket and basket to have a nice picnic! On weekends and public and school holidays you can also take your kids for fun at the amusement park or you can plan around the information on their website to see when the animals get fed. 

  1. Mall of Rosebank 

Malls are good go-to places when no one knows what they want to do for the day. You can so many things other than shopping at a couple of stores. At Mall of Rosebank you can look out for events that they have all year round, from markets to trendy rooftop events and in-store experiences. You can also grab your snacks and watch a movie at the cinema or you can enjoy a nice meal at one of the restaurants. 

  1. Sci-Bono Discovery Centre 

The Sci-Bono Discovey Centre is the largest science centre in Southern Africa and definitely a place to visit for the day. There are large collections of interactive exhibits, event programmes related to science and technology and they have activities for both the general public as well as schools. The planetarium, mirror maze and other exhibits and exhibitions are really amazing and is worth every single moment that you spend there! 

  1. Acrobranch Melrose 

For those who like to climb to new heights this is the place to be. They have different obstacle for adults and kids! These obstacles consist of tree top ropes and tricky crossings to move from tree to tree. They also have zip lines that will leave you with a lovely and unique two hour experience. There is also restaurants on site to add back some of the calories that you’ve burned. 

So there is something to do for every day of the week but as always, if you are travelling,  make sure you have all the essentials handy. Shop for your family’s safety and travelling gear on www.4akid.co.za or have a look at the shop in Sandton.



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