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Amazing Facts About Pregnancy

Amazing Facts About Pregnancy

Some amazing facts about pregnancy. 

Pregnancy is a miracle. You are growing a life, a baby inside your body. Here are some amazing facts about pregnancy:

  • Your uterus expands up to 500 times it’s normal size to accommodate a growing baby.
  • Your tummy develops a line called linea nigra which caused by higher melatonin levels.
  • Your heart grows and beats at a more rapid pace due to increased volume of blood in your body. 
  • Your joints soften to prepare your body for birth and help your baby pass through your pelvis during labour. 
  • Your hair gets thicker and fuller due to elevated levels of estrogen during pregnancy. 
  • Your feet can grow up to one size bigger during pregnancy. 
  • Your sense of smell gets stronger during pregnancy and you are more sensitive to odours. 
  • Your teeth need extra care so make sure your diet is rich in calcium.
  • You can crave odd things in your pregnancy like ice or cucumbers but sometimes cravings mean a lack of a certain nutrient. 
  • During pregnancy, your baby gets the nutrients before you do so make you sure you stay healthy and eat well. 

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