My daughter keeps getting lice, help!

My daughter keeps getting lice, help! - 4aKid

Question asked on 4 A Kid Facebook page ( ):
I need some advise. I battle terribly with lice in my girls hair. I’ve used all the products on the market, but they just keep coming back. I wash bedding and towels, brushes in hot water…. Don’t know what else to do…

Answers from 4aKid fans:

Jaymie Trivett Myburgh I use Nitagon once a week and treat daily with the tea tree maintenance spray… Seems to work.
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Natasha Holtzhausen Get apple colgate shampoo, and mix pulvex dog shampoo with it… Works like magic!
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Debbie Barnett Use Nitty Gritty comb with conditioner. Will get rid of eggs too. Have used once on my children and it got rid of them. Tea tree oil is good to keep at bay. As a hairdresser I would advise against hair colour on children could cause reaction. Good luck.
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Rinda Peyper Theron Controllice – it is a oil spray that smell awful like liqourice, but good riddance, it works great! Treet-it is the only other remedy that also works guaranteed! It comes with a spray that prevents reinfestation!
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Carla Mendonça Ward I used Para spray with my girls and my hairdresser recommended straightning their hair every second day for about a week to kill the nits. Worked like a charm.
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Christine Roets Brits Get PARA lice spray from ur pharmacy, kills the lice and eggs one shot!
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Angela Louise Rouette water soluable tea tree oil ..half a spray bottle tea tree half water….soak hair root to tip …tie up leave @2 hours wear a shower cap…then wash hair as usual…this will kill all lice and eggs…no need to pick out of hair…eggs will dry out and brush

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Kerri Martin van Zyl What about the new product callef Ladybug. Heard about it on the radio.
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Marcelle V Carter My mum had the same problem with my sister, untill she moved her to a new school. Then it was a lot better. Good luck hope someone can help
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Ellen Swanepoel rinse the hair with vinegar every time you wash, it will help reinfection.
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Yulande Rox You need to physically comb all the eggs out with lice comb twice every day. Just put loads of conditioner on before starting and leave it in. Then u need to figure out the source and follow steps above. Be careful of the poisonous Treatments. Conditioner works just as well. Good luck and persevere!
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Jackie Milligan All the kids in the class need to get checked & treated. If not, they will keep spreading.
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Joan Maguire After treating and removing the head lice and all eggs Always Use conditioner all the time it prevents the eggs sticking to the hair shaft , and adults most certainly can get head lice !!!!!
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Heather Scheepers You can use what you like, but if you cannot find or get to the source of the problem, it will just be a never ending cycle !! So you will need to make sure where ever the person sits,sleeps, leaves her dirty washing etc… Etc…. Will all need to be cleaned properly, then you will also need to contact the school and get them to also do the same, should this continue at the school the health department can be called in to investigate… Iam a hair stylist, and I cannot express to you, how much you need to clean your home to kill any eggs/ lice… Also just a thought lice love to breed in clean hair !! Behind the ears, in the nape of the neck. I realy do hope my little advice can assist.
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Tanith Jacobs Try brown vinegar and egg. My ma did that to us and she did it for a week good luck
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Rajoo Bhana You can try some off the stuff here, it will work. But to keep the lice off her hair is a story. You need to put the coconut oil on once a week or wafter u washd her hair. It also moisterize her hair at the same time. The lice can’t lay nits on the oil. Good luck!
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Bev Walker Soak her hair with teatree oil overnite with a shower cap and wash in the morning worked for my kids
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Refilwe Nkwe oh thnx teboho
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Teboho Makhaye Refilwe– dinta, iintwala ka se xhosa
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Sanri Jansen van Rensburg Grown-ups are unable to “get” lice as our hairshafts are thicker, the nits and lice cannot attach to it.
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Jessica Leigh Burnett Have u noticed that you never get them… Try tproducts in their hair like hair spray and gel keep their hair pinned up and no lose strands and baste it with gel they won’t get in
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Sarah Fletcher Thorne Use a lice shampoo(like laDYbuG or Para)and then rinse hair with vinegar..use vinegar at EVERY wash!and u HAVE TO COMB out the nits….or else the cycle starts again,as u may not have killed them all…No need to keep vinegar on for hours….just a rinse after the shampoo will do!also check with the school as in most cases,the other kids are not clear and parents just send them back to schl…and infest the other kids again!!LADYBUG has a every day spray to deter that’s a good option too!
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Nadia Scott Davids Got the best and most cost effective advice from the school nurse. Brown vinegar,because its an acid, it kills the nits and lice. U need to soak there hair in the vinegar,then wrap with shower caps or I used swimming caps. They have to be indoors all day while keeping the caps on. I rinsed it the next day. It worked. And if it keeps on coming back, u need to see the school about it cos there defnitly then a problem at the school.
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René Steenkamp My daughter battled for over a year with lice. No matter what I used they just didn’t die. Vinegar in water, mayonnaise, coke, tea tree oil, olive oil, coconut oil etc..It has been about 2 weeks now with no trace of them and the only thing we have done different the past few weeks is wash her hair with “Head and Shoulders” menthol. Give it a try and let me know if it works for you.
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Ingrid Le Roux Regardless of what product u use you have to comb the hair out with a fine tooth comb after you have washed or sprayed with product. That way you are combing out the lice + nits. Not doing this will result in another cycle + you will continue with the problem. Bedding headbands brushes etc must be washed everyday til they are cleared of all lice
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Brian Kokernot Thank you for having the courage to ask. Our only hope is transparency and courage to reach out to one another and not let our modern culture separate us from one another. Modern capitalism needs us to be separate consumer units not seeking common sense solutions to problems that arise, like yours. Thanks again. My daughter had lice when she was in grade school and I was lucky to rid of then with the over the counter remedy called Rid-X I believe.
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Margie Buys I’ve heard of someone who has used haircolour with great success
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Nicole Spruijt put tea tree oil in her bath every night (if she is like my daughter she likes to swim ha ha)
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Bonita Kruger Thanks ladies. I will used all advise I can get.
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Meldee Jared Nel Treat her hair with olive oil + rinse with apple cider on a bi-weekly basis
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Margie Nicholson Try TEA TREE OIL. You can’t go wrong!!
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Angela Louise Rouette soak brushes …headbands elastics in solution also…it works :))
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Candice Brink Follow the maintenance programme…it does work…and its a safe, natural product…
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Refilwe Nkwe ladies what is lice?
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Marina van Tonder Treet it tea tree oil kit. If it is such a big problem, why don’t you colour-treat her hair? Same colour as her natural colour? Works very good appearantly
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Donna Casteen Wash hair with lice shampoo & rinse hair with vinegar. Retreat for lice in 1 week. In between wash her hair with teatree oil. This can be found at a pharmacy with the shampoo. Make sure to remove all nits. Wash bedding, coats/hats & place pillows/stuffed animals & other items that can’t be washed in a garbage bag tied shut for 2 weeks. Vacuum her room everyday for 1 week. And surprisingly remember lice LOVE clean hair! We faced the same prob with reinfestation of lice & this helped to solve our prob. Also contact her teacher, the prob may be that a classmate has lice. Braiding her hair will also help.
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Lindi Snyman A hairdresser once told me to leave a healthy amount of conditioner in after a wash. Apparently it suffocates the lice
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Catherine Botha I know the vinegar works! We wash every 2nd wash with lice shampoo as prevention-3 kiddies it seems better to prevent.
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Aziza Petker My mum used to wash our hair with dog shampoo
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Jessica Hayes Soak hair in vinegar. Use plastic bag to cover and leave in for 2 hours. Afta that rinse. Then use a hair straightner on full heat and go ova hair slowly to kill nits. Keep using vinegar with shampoo.
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Allan Laws which 1 did she used what product did was it for the head lice was it 1 to kill the eggs as well …. the sampoo is a good 1 you leave it on for about 5 mints then was under warm water then bush the eggs and lice out of the hair make shore you wash every think in warm soapy water then hopefully thay shoulden come back .
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Marcelle V Carter O yes! Swim cap with vinegar on hair! She just told me! Hehehehe that’s what she did aswell. (My sisters hair was between bum and knees)
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Bec Hawkins i stopped washing my kids hair during the week…only wash it on friday. and each morning before school spray deterant and hairspray in their hair. also tie up long hair in plats or braides
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Isabel Du Plooy i mix my lg’s shampoo – half shampoo, half vinegar – and was every 2nd or 3rd day, lice gone and haven’t returned.
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Stephenie Slabbert Van Eeden no need to cut hair, lice are attracted to clean hair. Phone your closest hairdresser and see if they do treatment. some hairdresser do a special treatment on hair that keeps the lice away. No lice also good and wash once a week with no lice in order to prevent them coming back. also speak to your school about it, at my kids school you are not allowed to go to school if you have lice.
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Ellen Swanepoel oh and coconut oil weekly, bi-weekly helps that the nits dont stick
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Judy Elliott Apparently when rinsing hair add a tsp of vinegar to last rinse. KEeps lice at bay.
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Mokgadi MamaLetsoba Chidi Buy sweet oil and apply it in the area
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Susan Barr Good luck
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Paula Harris You going to have to keep the procedure going. Them little critters is hard to get rid of. With both of your girls having it will take a little time. Keep disinfecting your house, I don’t know if the Dr. Still prescribe this but there’s this quail shampoo & lotion. It’s real good. It’s trying kill the egg so they can stop multiplying.
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