A 4aKid Gift Guide for the Kitchen

Oct 17 , 2020

A 4aKid Gift Guide for the Kitchen

They say kitchens are the heart of the home. Not only is it where you start your day, where families gather and new traditions are whipped up but also where meals and treats are whipped up.

So if you know someone who is regular in the kitchen and loves to bake, here are some piping hot gift ideas from 4aKid A chef emoji with a serving tray.

Cookie Cutter Set - Unicorn

White unicorn cookie cutters.Baking is both fun and educational! Spending time in the kitchen can be magical. Enjoy baking cookies even more with this Unicorn Cookie Cutter Set! Read more

Cookie Cutter Set - Sea Life

Iced sea life shape cookies.You are sure to have a whale of a time in the kitchen with this Sea Life Cookie Cutter Set. Bring these gorgeous sea creatures to life using fondant icing to decorate. Read more 

Cookie Cutter Set - Fire Truck

White fire engine cookie cutters in packaging.Heat up your baking skills with this Fire Truck Cookie Cutters Set. Boys will run to the rescue . . . to help hose down the kitchen! Read more

Cookie Cutter Set - Doggy Paw & House

Doggy Paw & House cookie cutter set with green spoon.Even your fur friend will watch with delight while you prepare flavour-smacking biscuits with this Doggy Paw & House Cookie Cutter Set. Read more 

Batter Dispenser

Yellow batter dispenser.If you love to bake but hate to clean up, this Batter Dispenser is a must-have to add to your kitchen accessories! Perfect for pancakes, cupcakes, muffins and more. Read more

Super Stretch Silicone Lids

A set of blue super stretch silicone lids.Creates the perfect seal on any glass, plastic or metal container! Use on round, oval, square as well as rectangle-shaped bowls or containers. The best addition to your kitchen guaranteed. Read More

Blackboard Sticker

A blackboard sticker with different colour chalk.Use it to jot down your shopping list, leave messages for the family or simply draw. When you are done, simply wipe clean with a damp cloth. No matter how you use it, your family will absolutely love it. Read More






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