Tips to Help You Find Your First Customers

Tips to Help You Find Your First Customers - 4aKid

You have just launched your website and now what? How do you find your customers? It can be a challenge to find new clients when you have just started your new business. Here are some low cost tips to help find your first clients and generate sales. 

  • Work off your network, friends family and colleagues
  • Build trust & credibility with your clients
  • Create Social Media profiles and do regular posts
  • Create video content and share on social media channels
  • Use influencers and bloggers to promote your products
  • Build a what's app group from social media posts and post regularly
  • Create an email list by offering potential clients an offer 
  • Use coupons and special offers to attract new clients to you
  • Team up and network with other business owners
  • Build an online presence organically with search engine optimization (SEO) 
  • Study your competitors and see what they are doing to gain exposure to customers

Always make sure your website and social media pages make it easy for visitors to know how to reach you.

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