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How to make Unicorn Pancakes

How to make Unicorn Pancakes

Unicorn Pancakes are the number one pancake choice for lovers of rainbows and sparkles.

The number one pancake choice for lovers of rainbows and sparkles. You will need to begin by making one quantity of this pancake batter to make these unicorn pancakes. Divide the mixture into three bowls. Stir in one tablespoon of cocoa powder through one batch and put it into a disposable piping bag. Now dip a skewer or clean paint brush into some gel food colouring and paint a line on the inside of another disposable piping bag from the bottom to the top. Repeat a few times with different gel colours. We used pink, blue, green and yellow. Then fill with some of the plain pancake mix – when piped, the pancake mix will feature flecks of rainbow colour. Put the remaining mix into a third piping bag and snip the ends of each bag to create a small nozzle.

Brush a little bit of sunflower oil over the base of a non-stick frying pan over a low heat and wipe off any excess with kitchen paper. Pipe the outline of a unicorn head into the pan using the cocoa mixture. Fill in the horn and curly hair with the multicoloured batter then cover the rest of the gaps in the plain batter. Increase the heat slightly, then leave to cook in the pan until everything has just set, then very carefully turn over with a palette knife or thin spatula and cook for another minute or so until the batter is cooked through.

Scatter sprinkles like hundreds and thousands and white chocolate stars over a plate and top with your unicorn pancakes. Great with ice cream, fresh berries and maple syrup on the side. Pancake art at its best!


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