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27 Fun Food Hacks and Recipes for Kids

Fun Food Hacks and Recipes for Kids 



Cooking something really yummy can be a difficult task. It's not always easy to come up with a good idea. However, today we're here to save you. We prepared a huge collection of awesome food ideas and yummy recipes that could keep you in tune for a whole month. Cook them on special occasions or everyday and stay happy! Don't forget to share! The first idea for you is a cool summer hit! Take your favorite juice, put it into a ziplock bag and add a few ice cubes and a bit of salt. Awesome and delicious sorbet is ready to serve! Learn to make your own yummy lollipops and make one for each of your friends. Breakfast is a field for your creativity. Even plain eggs and sausages can become material for your culinary masterpieces. Check out our breakfast collection in this video and brighten up every morning! A favorite idea is Nutella pancakes. If you're up to fruits in the morning, check out a fruity alternative – pineapple pancakes (juicy and soft, yum!!!). A microwave is a life-saver when it comes to cooking something really fast. Learn to cook donuts in a mug. If you want to cook a special dessert for the whole family tonight, check out our blueberry cake. You can replace blueberry with any other berry that you like most. In case you have a pack of filo dough in your freezer, there's a whole collection of pastries with this type of dough. Watch and memorize. Watch this video up to the end to make out the most of your kitchen potential.

TIMESTAMPS: 0:58 - DIY lollipop 2:26 - Breakfast ideas 5:08 - Pineapple pancakes 11:40 - Comfy cooking life hacks

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